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Proximus 5


The “exquisite,” “spine-tingling” unaccompanied voices of Proximus 5 sing timeless, deeply moving a cappella music from across the ages. Their favourite genres include folk, contemporary covers, and contemplative classics, often featuring new arrangements by the group. 


After singing together in other ensembles for many years, they came together during the pandemic to keep some musical proximity ("proximus!"). Their performances celebrate the power of music to connect one another and soothe the soul. In their inaugural year, they performed three concerts to sold-out audiences in Winnipeg; this year, they’ve taken their show on the road to the US Midwest and are delighted to be performing in Montreal for Podium.


Proximus 5 is Scott Reimer, James Magnus-Johnston, Paul Bruch-Wiens, Dan Rochegood, and Jereme Wall.

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