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Company History

In 2011, Judith Oatway and Dawn Bruch-Wiens created Flipside Opera. Accomplished operatic singers themselves, Dawn and Judy pooled their passion and creativity to start producing small scale vocal theatre. Lisa Rumpel joined as a co-artistic director in 2016. 

As the only organization in Winnipeg that programs art song (poetry set to classical voice and piano) as part of our core activities, Flipside Opera became Flipside Opera & Art Song Collective in 2021.

Manitoba Connections

Flipside prioritizes Manitoban artists and composers.

We provide showcase performance opportunities for Manitoban emerging artists such as Opera by the Pint and Opera Idol.

We have presented Manitoban artists including Millicent Scarlett (In Plain Sight, 2022), Lara Ciekiewicz (Bathtubs, Bus Stops and Bridge, 2016), James McLennan (#nofilter, 2018), Lizzy Hoyt (Greeriad2017, Echoes of Spain, 2018), and others. 

Flipside has presented the works of Manitoban composers such as John Greer (Greeriad, 2017) and Neil Weisensel (Gisela in Her Bathtub, 2016), and Michael Matthews (Bloody Jack, 2020; Bloody Jack 2.0, 2023). 

Community Involvement

Flipside has performed in Winnipeg, Flin Flon, and Brandon, Manitoba, as well as bringing Opera by the Lake, a popular opera, song, and folk program, to Sioux Narrows/Nestor Falls, Ontario. 

We host community events Opera by the Pint and Every-Bocce Loves Opera!  which help to make opera approachable and appealing to a broader audience. These events also provide informal and joyful performance opportunities for local singers from emerging to professional.


Flipside has collaborated with Winnipeg arts organizations to present out-of-the-box, inspiring takes on opera and art song, such as: 

- Opera Fright Night (2019) and Operatifs with The Little Opera Company

- Echoes of Spain (2019) with the Winnipeg Classical Guitar Society

- Bloody Jack and Bloody Jack 2.0 with GroundSwell and Hard Thread Collective


Flipside's role in the Manitoba artistic community is one of bridge-building. We bring together artists of many disciplines, perform underrepresented music in innovative and community-centric ways, and share the joy and depth of vocal theatre with diverse audiences.

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