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Who we are

Flipside Opera & Art Song Collective is a non-profit, volunteer-run vocal arts performance organization based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 



Flipside tells the stories of everyday experiences that make us human, through low-barrier, classically sung performances...that are anything but traditional. 




Flipside curates compelling, immersive vocal theatre productions with exceptional performers, telling truth through song.


As a non-profit organization working toward charitable status, at this time we are unable to issue tax receipts. Your support of our work is gratefully accepted!


Our Artistic Team:

Judith Oatway

Artistic Director

adflipsideopera [at]

Lisa Rumpel

General Manager

flipsideopera [at]

Dawn Bruch-Wiens

Artistic Advisor

Our Board of Directors:


Ashley Boychuk, president

Paul Bruch-Wiens, past president

Jayne Hammond, vice president

Kayla Jory, secretary/treasurer

Mark Glucki, member at large

Andrea Lett, member at large

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