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An operatic triple-bill challenging your perception of what is reality and fantasy.


Gisela in her Bathtub by Neil Weisensel and Michael Cavanagh

A romance novel comes to life, despite reality interrupting.


Exercices de Style by José Evangelista and Raymond Queneau

If the game of Telephone would be a song cycle - this would be it.  One story interpreted in many styles.


A Hand of Bridge by Samuel Barber and Gian Carlo Menotti

Things are seldom what they seem.  Hold your card close to your chest.


Under the music direction of Michelle Mourre and stage direction of Jacqueline Loewen, this event will be one not to miss! Starring Dawn Bruch, Lara Ciekiewicz, Aaron Hutton, Teri-Lynn Friesen, Judith Oatway, Sam Plett and Paul Wiens.





Presented in partnership with:

April 30, 2016  

7:30 PM


May 1, 2016

2:00 pm


Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall

University of Winnipeg

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